Monday, August 9, 2010

Pillow Talk by Runjhun Jain

A graduate of the College of Art – Delhi, Runjhun is an ex-advertising creative director who doodles, styles ad shoots and loves creating, in her own words, ‘easy, quirky and honest’ designs. Her maiden collection of cushions uses dori work, chawal tanka and applique to translate her doodles onto fabric. “I was sure I didn’t want to simply transfer my drawings as line prints onto cloth, that for me didn’t complete the step over to a new medium. I wanted to explore textures, embroidery styles, stitches and still retain the madness and innocence of my art. Each cushion has been worked upon by kaarigars on my original line work.” The pieces are charming, well-finished and have an individual style. Presenting Runjhun Jain’s delightful experiments with embroidery and applique.

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