Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

While I was in the train

This post is about trip to my hometown. This trip was a 6-hour journey in a train and I had reminded myself not to take out my Nikon at any cost. By the end of it, there were these accidental photographs which I had no intentions to take(because I feel sleepy while I'm in the train). The sole reason being the soft sunlight and also the scratches on the window pane which created a great effect. But from then, I never promised myself not to take pictures again!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The little dewdrop

Since it is a blog discussing about all the mistakes and the errors, so I decided to put my first error in the photography field. It was in the days when I did not even own a DSLR! The first one is my first ever photograph with a Digital SLR and the rest follow.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Mr. Reminder is a quick remedy for all your forgetfulness woes. When you have all your fingers(hands and feet) engaged in activity or tied with innumerous strings, you can contact your very personal Mr. Reminder which not only sets your fingers free but also reminds you of your engagements. A very handy tip indeed!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ways to use a toothpick

There is only one given use of an insignificant item such as the toothpick, namely to pick out things from the teeth. But here is how I put it..the use of toothpicks..

The Rubber-Band

The world's most stretchable and the most flexible, presenting to you - The Rubber-Band! They have the power to see through everyone's issues or domestic affairs. They will take care of it.

This section of the blog is for issues, any kind of issues, every week and putting them in front of everyone and providing a solution for the problem. So watch out for them every week!

The Star Staplar

The Star Staplar is the hero of all the pixel animated games. Also, its a stapler with an 'a' and not an 'e' . This illustration is basically to promote a simple stapler in a very odd manner. It creates an image that the stapler is really the hero and will defeat all the enemies in the battleground.

Inspired by all the lovely pixel games we played as kids!

A Special Post about Dilli

The busy's capital and hub of intellectuals..whatever you may call it. To me, its just plain ol' Dilli, the city where jugaad works better than anything and where in lunch breaks the only thing handy is a plate of chhole-kulche.

Dilli's expanding borders(covering up almost every inch of unnamed land) also adjusts our River Yamuna amidst its evergrowing population. Somewhere from among a group of trees, you can spot an emerging Qutub Minar faraway but when you question an auto-waallah, he immediately answers with utmost confidence,''Arey, sahib, bas yahin to hai" and points out to a nearby tree or car. This is Dilli for me.

The most interesting place in Delhi is the New Delhi Railway Station. From the time you get out of the train till the time you take a vehicle(probably an auto) is the time you need to on High Alert. Whether its the ever-ancient coolies or the trying-to-please autos-wallahs, you need to save yourself and your luggage(and also keep your cool at the same time!) and rush out straight to the Prepaid auto booth and remember, you need to make it in a one go. After you have survived these, you will find yourself amidst never-ending crying of the dirt-covered little children asking for money or food. Your second aim is to escape them or if you stay there a bit longer, you might find your wallet missing after sometime. The only relief is the police which helps you get through all this and helps you getting an auto.

Another place is Southern part of Delhi which is a complete contrast to the very typical Hindi film style northern part. Here lives that part of Delhi which eats out, hangs together to have beer, by whom the Def Col Market and Saket seem flooded. Here's the posh part where girls as skinny as the fashion models and where at every corner you seem to find look-alike Momos stall. Momos are a specialty to drool over when you come to this part of Delhi.

I think Dilli's not just about politicians, Punjabis, auto-waalahs...its got more to it. And which is why this post can never end, it can always be be continued.

Random Errors

Some random images and also products with illustrations
which I thought might be interesting to look at.

Random work put up...

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