Saturday, August 14, 2010

From Sketch to Complete: The Work of IC4DESIGN

I’m very glad to show you the work of Hiroshima, Japan-based illustration group IC4DESIGN who make fascinating, lively and intricate illustrations for clients all over the world.
I was fortunate enough to meet Daisuke and Hiro, the people behind the designs at their studio in Hiroshima in March of 2010. Meeting them and seeing their work was one of the most memorable experiences of traveling to Japan. These guys seem to be the world’s hardest working illustrators!
Hiro and Daisuke show us their work process from start to finish of a New York Times Magazine brief below.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Andy Singleton

Today’s morning product posts are making me so happy. The next one is celebration of fantastic metallic patterns and this first design is all about amazing paper cuts. The pieces above and below are part of a recently completely paper installation from british artist andy singleton. Andy’s installation, “dust clouds in the eagle nebula” was part of the “cut paper” exhibition at the bowey gallery in leeds and was inspired by photography from the hubble space telescope. If I had a choice between the real photos and andy’s amazing cut-out version of the universe I might have a hard time choosing a favorite. Well done, Andy.

Read more at Design*Sponge

Mr. Facebook by Lizz Lunney

We need more funny artists! Sure, we’ve already profiled a few – there’s Kate BeatonClaire MurrayMischief Champion, but here’s a new one to add to the list: Lizz Lunney, an illustrator from Birmingham who draws fun little comics about the most random things. Check out her daily drawings in a section of her website called The Daily Sushi filled with quirky characters acting out all sorts of antics — it’s a hoot!
And if you want to take them away, you can buy some of her comics over in her shop (international customers need to write to her first before purchasing for added postage!)

Have you been to Dastkar yet?

It's on at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore from the 6th of this month till the 15th. 

Do visit and let us, the non-Bangalorites, know what you pick up from the fair!

Some more good news for readers from Bangalore and Mumbai -  Puja Bhargava is exhibiting her jewelry for the very first time in Bangalore [12th to 14th Aug at Basava Ambara], and in Mumbai [30th - 31st Aug at Concern India Foundation's exhibition at World Trade Center]. 

You would have seen Puja's designs at FabIndia, and at the Dastkar fair in Delhi. Each time I visit her stall, I can hardly resist adding a few more pieces to my collection.

School Years Family Keepsake Box

I am so pleased to show you a School Years Keepsake box I did with Chronicle Books and Barnes and Noble. I had a lot of fun on this project and the final box design is so appealing. They really did a great job!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Product Feature ~ Low-cost self-diagnosis tool for rural India

Designers at Honeywell Technology Solutions in Bangalore, Ankur Sardana (NID) and Parag Trivedi (IDC), have created a self-diagnosis tool for people living in rural India. The design is simple, efficient, made with recycled materials to keep costs low, and aims to empower patients and help doctors by aiding patients to accurately identify their symptoms. In conversation with Ankur Sardana on why he and Parag created the tool and the role it seeks to play in the accurate diagnosis and efficient recovery of patients all over India.

New Sketch by Genevieve Kote

Pillow Talk by Runjhun Jain

A graduate of the College of Art – Delhi, Runjhun is an ex-advertising creative director who doodles, styles ad shoots and loves creating, in her own words, ‘easy, quirky and honest’ designs. Her maiden collection of cushions uses dori work, chawal tanka and applique to translate her doodles onto fabric. “I was sure I didn’t want to simply transfer my drawings as line prints onto cloth, that for me didn’t complete the step over to a new medium. I wanted to explore textures, embroidery styles, stitches and still retain the madness and innocence of my art. Each cushion has been worked upon by kaarigars on my original line work.” The pieces are charming, well-finished and have an individual style. Presenting Runjhun Jain’s delightful experiments with embroidery and applique.

Pretty Book Covers

coralie bickford-smith for f-scott fitzgerald classics
I found an amazing range of really nice book covers and I thought I might share them with all of you.