Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Continued....A post about Dilli

Well, I had written the post a while ago and I think the reason why I am posting this is because I have changed views about the city. Dilli, if you define, has no identity of its own. The special feature about Delhi is that it derives a large part of its identity from the people migrating from different places to settle in the city. Since it is cosmopolitan in nature, you can surely find people of different cultures, customs residing together. People of all colors, all styles reside in a commonplace called Delhi. If I state Delhi's identity, I would say that the main identity of the city is that it has so many various people all with their own unique cultures living by the side of River Yamuna.
Since the city of Delhi has a lot of Punjabi population, the lingo here is a metamorphic Punjabi. Ho Jaega Ji, Tu jaanta Nahi main kaun hu etc are very typical of the city.the lingo of Delhi provides a base or a foundation to Delhi's diversity. Some of the changes grew with time and some I will incorporate in the next time's post. Enjoy!


  1. Hey really liked the way you write. Very nice work too. Being my junior at NIFT I don't think that we were introduced to each other. Any way greate to know that there are some hands to still touch the Human's heart by Pen and Paper. Get Going.! Thumbs Up!

  2. Thank you so much Arun!! Will keep the good work going!! I have written some more about Delhi in my other blog( Do keep in touch!!